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Our little secret- Chapter three.


Read the previous chapters here. Sorry for the wait! I’ve been busy, but here it is! It’s a little more short than the others one but I promise to post chapter four really soon! Thank you so much for reading this I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing. You can leave feedback or whatever you want here. Love you all with my entire heart :) 

I opened my eyes because of the light coming through the window, I saw it was half past nine and I was late to my first class. I dressed as quickly as I could and ran away. The corridors of the faculty were pretty empty because everyone was already at class. I was starting the week perfectly awful. 

I finally got into my renaissance literature class and of course had already started half an hour before. 

"Good morning, Baudelaire." The teacher greeted me while he wrote in the blackboard.

University wasn’t high school and the teachers did not care if you went to class , as long as you pass your exams. 

I looked at the classroom to find an empty seat to sit until I seen a pair of deep blue eyes watching me. What was Niall doing in this class? Strangely the only empty seat was next to him.

"Baudelaire… Now I know your name" He greeted me with a huge grin. 

"How is your penis? Do your balls hurt?"

"Very funny but no, all perfect, I took care of it."

"I hope Holly take good care of it"

"What? Holly? For god’s sake, my hand does a better job than her."

"That’s gross. By the way, what are you doing in my class?"

"I come to listen, I’m very interested in renaissance literature."

"Yes, yes, I’m sure, clearly is your biggest hobby. What’s your major, anyway? Wait, let me guess… economics, that’s for sure! or engineering, something like that, super boring and lame"

"Not at all"


"Really Baudelaire? I should be very concerned if you think that of me"

"You’d be good, the typical lawyer who only cares if his client could pay millions of dollars to make him out of jail."

"I study architecture"

"Wow, okay, I have to recognize, that’s cool."

"Why don’t we skip the rest of the classes and go to my house? I am alone."

"I think I’ll pass"

"C’mon babe, don’t be like that…" Niall said as he stroked my thigh. 

Luckily I was able to hold him off enough to pay some attention. I needed to pass that subject. 

Niall tried without success that we skipped the next class but I wasn’t going to do such a thing.

"Look, I’m not gonna skip class today, okay?"

"But I want my snapback back"

"Come to my room at 3 o’clock like I said and I’ll give it to you" I let him there in the hall to go to my next class. Comparative Literature, where we would surely have to do another essay. And there it was Maria. 

"Where were you?"

"I stayed the nigh at Harry’s"

"What a slut!"

"And you are saying me that, you that likes to leave the guys all turned on, fuck you, that’s not good! Poor kid…" I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Did he say anything?"

"He went down to the dining with his pants unbuttoned, no shirt and with a significant bulge in the crotch. He was looking for you desperate."

"Oh my god" I laughed imagining the scene.

"Niall wanted to act tough in front of his friends and said that you were playing and he challenged you to run away. "

"Who even believe that?!"

"And Holly offered herself to him but he said he wasn’t in the mood and went home."

"That’s what he said to me but I didn’t think it was true."

"Wait, when you talked to him about that?"

"He has showed up in my last class saying he was very interested in attending the class as a listener."

"I must admit that I was surprised when the boy didn’t accept Holly’s offer after you left him with a boner."

"She has to be horrible at sex." I said, since it was the only reasonable reason for Niall to reject her.

"No, but she have fucked half of the boys of university and Niall don’t want a second-hand toy."

I spent the next hour and a half thinking about what would happen next. I hoped he wasn’t tired of this game. 

I imagined him drawing buildings. That was horrible, I couldn’t play the game of “you’re not going to get some with me” when all I wanted was to get some with him. 

When I got to my room along with Maria we met Horan at the door.

"I can hear from here how you lose your panties. I’m just here to get my snapback."

I could not believe my ears, he was playing hard to get, when he was trying to get in my panties the whole weekend!

"I’m going to the cantina, okay? See you later." Maria said to both of us, she probably thought we were going to have sex at the moment we entered the room. 

"No need to go Maria, it will be a second." He clarified. 

"No thanks, actually I have a meet with an old friend" and with that she left me there to deal with Niall fucking Horan.

When we entered the room I went straight to the desk where lay his cap and gave it back to him. 

"Goodbye, now we are even." I said very offended with all, he was being totally immature just because I wasn’t agree to have sex. Okay, it’s official, he is an asshole.

"No, we’re not but I decided to just wait for you to come to get some." He said while thrusting with his hips.

"Bye Horan. You’re very funny but I have a date this afternoon"

"Sure, of course" He answered ironically. "Have a good time in your date with your fingers while you think about me."

I was determined to make him go crazy for me and not vice versa and his comment had made me even more angry and oddly enough I wanted to throw him on my bed. 

When he left I lie in bed and screamed on the pillow. Fucking Niall Horan. My stomach roared answering me. I was not in the mood to eat alone there so I thought of going for a bite at Lulu’s, our favorite restaurant. There he was, Liam. It was his shift today.

ªHey! What are you doing here?” He greeted me.

"I was not in the mood to eat alone. Maria it’s with a friend, I think."

Liam brought me a steak and some chips and sat with me.

"Since you don’t want to eat alone, I’ll keep you company."

"You wouldn’t get in trouble, right? I mean, for sitting with me at work."

"No and my shift it’s almost over. "

Liam’s company was nice, we talked about football and he was surprised with my knowledge at sports, he said that just a few girls were interested in that sort of things.

"Where are you going now? Do you have classes in the afternoon?"

"Probably I’ll read something, I’ll be on tumblr and be pretty bored…"

"Well, maybe you don’t want but you could come and see football practice, I could use some support, we have an important game this saturday."

I thought a little, it was my chance to learn a little more of Liam but I wasn’t really in the mood, then I remembered that Niall played with him. I could show him that I had a real date, although this wasn’t a date at all. 

"Yes, it will be fun!" 

"Great because my shift will be over in ten minutes."

Then Lily came and Liam went to change and take their stuff. He had his bag with him so we went straight to the field, without having to go to his room. The walk was nice, we were talking about high school and explaining silly anecdotes. 

"You can sit there, okay? I’m going to change my clothes" He said pointing to the bleachers. There were some girls and boys, cheering the players as well. Our team was pretty good, although I liked football I had never seen one single game of them, I had more important things in my head since I was in college.

Then players came to the field and Niall looked at the audience, waving to a couple of girls. At that time he put his eyes on me and smiled waving at me. If he thought I was there to see him, he was wrong. I went down to the front bleacher, where we could almost touch the guys sitting on the bench.

"Liam! Good Luck!" I yelled from there. He looked at me and smiled. At that time I saw how Niall went to him and said something I couldn’t hear, Liam replied with a serious face. Who knows what that jerk said!

I must admit that Niall played great, it was the team captain for something. Liam also played good and I was happy for that and to see that he got along with his teammates, he was so shy and quiet that I felt bad if he didn’t have friends.

I waited at the back door when he finished practice, to say goodbye to him but Niall came before, with wild and wet hair, fresh out of the shower with grey sweatpants. I had to contain my urge to undress him right there. 

"What are you doing here, coming to see Payne?" Completely irritated by me.

"He asked me to come so here I am"

"I’m sure you wouldn’t come if I asked you."

"You already have enough fans on the bleachers"

"Are you jealous, Baudelaire?"

"HA-HA. Me? Of those brainless sluts? Don’t make me laugh"

"Why don’t you come with me? We could have a good time."

"Goodbye Horan."

"Goodbye Baudelaire."

"I hope he wasn’t bothering you" Liam asked when he seen Niall walking away from me to his car.

"No, it’s fine." I smiled "What he said to you before in the field?"

"Nonsense, nothing important" But I didn’t believe it. "Do you want to walk you to the residence?"

"No, you don’t have to, you must be tired. See you later, okay?" I gave him a side hug and I felt really bad. 

The rest of the week pass without any incident, I didn’t even seen Niall, I was sure that he avoided me, oddly enough. When I least expected I met him at the library. 

I went to talk to him because it seemed strange to see him there. He wasn’t wearing snapback and was very focused. I ruffled his hair and he turned to see who it was.

"Well, look who deigns to talk to me. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”

"I’m not Voldemort, thanks." That make him laugh. I looked over his head to see he was drawing a building. 

"What are you doing in the library?"

"What do you think I’m doing? Studying. It’s the only place where no one bother me, except you, it is impossible to forget you." That confirmed my suspicions that he avoid me. 

"wow, you are so nice! Bye" But before I can take another step he took me by the wrist.

"Stay, Baudelaire." I looked into his deep blue eyes and noticed some solitude so I sat there, besides all the tables were occupied.

We were silent for a while just listening to the sound that made his pen making lines and more lines. I tried to read a book that had to do a critical appreciation. Niall was being more nice than usual and less jerk. Was it because he was alone in the library, without any of his friends? At first I was angry with that thought but as the two looked like we were ready to be kind to the another I just tried to forget and enjoy the moment. 

"What are you reading?"

"Wuthering Heights, I have to do a critical appreciation of it."

"Seems boring"

"It isn’t! I love the book but I don’t want to make an appreciation."

"Why are you majoring in literature?"

"Because I want to be a writer. What about you?"

"Because I want to build home and things that remain over time. Look at the Parthenon or the Colosseum, still there and their designers are remembered with glory after centuries."

"Wow, that’s deep … I also want to make a mark in history as Shakespeare or Bram Stoker."

"I bet you’re an amazing writer" I smiled and kept reading. I liked that side of Niall.

"Let’s go" He said getting up.


"To have a bite, obviously!"

We leave things on the table and went to the library’s cafe. I ordered a tea and a slice of cheesecake, he get a hot chocolate and a cupcake.

"Will you come to the game this Saturday?"

"I don’t think so"


"We can’t hang out together, isn’t a good idea."

"Why? I don’t understand. This moment feels nice, right?"

"Yes, but here we are you and me and nobody else, you’ll be treating me like a comestible piece of meat around your friends and I’m not prepared to it, Niall"

"Say it again" He whispered to me as he looked into my eyes.


"My name."

"I don’t understand what you mean, Horan."

"No, you had called me Niall, is the first time since I’ve known you call me by my name. Sounds good."

"This isn’t right! We can not be friends, okay? We’re from two different worlds and I’m leaving, right now."

"Please, no…"

But I hadn’t heard it, I went back to the table and picked up my stuff, I had a lot to think about. He was sending mixed signals. 

On Friday afternoon an unknown number called me. 

"Hi!" I recognized the voice in a second, it was Harry.

"Harry? Maria is not here, I thought she was with you."

"And so she is, I call you because tonight there’s a party at a club in the city, maybe you want to come…"

"Oh, thanks for thinking about me but I don’t want, I’m not in the mood " And it was true, I needed sleep after the long week of school I have had.

"You! I’m on my way to your room and you are coming with us." Niall said into the other end of the phone, I assumed he had taken Harry’s phone.

"I feel sick, Horan. I have migraine and need a proper sleep, so I will not go. See you soon, as it seems impossible you disappear."

What the hell was wrong with him? He never gave up on something? We had talked about it, we couldn’t be friends. I started watching a really bad movie on television to try to fall asleep earlier but around 12 when I was about to sleep I got a message.

- Will you come to see me play tomorrow? Please? It’s important. -Niall

- Why you have my phone? Why are you texting in a party? I’m not going, we’ve talked about this. 

- You make too much questions. Harry gave it to me, and you’ve talked, I didn’t say a thing about it. That’s bullshit! Of course we can be friends! We can be whatever we want! Please babe, is an important game, I need support. 

- I’m sure there will be a million girls supporting you.

- For fuck’s sake! I just want you to be there!! Say yes to something!!

- I’ll think about it…

It was nice of him, I was sad because I had heard that although he was the star of the team, his parents had never been to see him, not even once. And he seemed sincere when he said he needed my support, but I was scared, his world was so different from mine, he was so different from me, a guy like him should be ashamed of having contact with a weirdo like me but still he seemed to be very interested in me. And that scared me because I wasn’t sure if he was being honest or was another way to get in my panties.

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