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Our little secret- Chapter four

Read the previous chapters here. I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but seriously it’s been a crazy weeks… joy and sadness at the same time.  Again, sorry for the little misspellings you can find. I hope you love the fanfic as much as I’m enjoying writing it. You can leave feedback or whatever you want here

Chapter four

I woke up very late and I would be asleep now if Maria wouldn’t awakened me.

"¡Grace! It’s 1 pm! ¿Are you coming to watch the game?"

"Are you going?"

"Well… Harry is also in the team."

"I don’t know, I don’t think so."

"I think you should go, Gracie. Niall have many problems at home, Harry said he feels very lonely and need us there."

"There will be loads of people supporting him."

"Yesterday he didn’t wanted to go to the party and he stayed home… Louis said he had never seen him miss a party."

"What? God… Well let’s go, but I have to eat something on the way."

I threw on a jeans and a sweater and walked to the field as it was a little late. When we arrived I bought a hot dog and I knew that it was worth it to be there. 

Once there we met Harry, who was already wearing the uniform and he pointed out two sites for us to sit. 

"You came! Niall was super convinced you were not coming, I’ll tell him now that you are here." Harry seemed a little boy with new shoes. "Wish me luck, honey!" He said to Maria before going running to the field. 

About two minutes later, they all came to the field and I doubted that Niall knew I was there because he didn’t look at us even once.

It was entertained, the opponent was strong and I had heard that they had to defeat them if they wanted to move forward. They went 0-0 throughout the first part until the first minute of the second half  when Niall scored a goal that made ​​us all jump out of our seats. After celebrating with his teammates he pointed out to me and I could see how half of the public eyed me.

 After 15 minutes another guy, I think it was Louis, scored the second goal and during the overtime Niall scored again, ending the game 3-0 against one of the best teams.

The two of us went to the back door, waiting for them. A bunch of guys passed and Maria greeted some of them, I didn’t know anyone until Liam came through the door.

"Maria, Grace! ¿What are you doing here?"

"You know, spending saturday afternoon…" He hugged both of us and when I was in his arms I felt like someone grabbed me by the arm pulling me away.

"She came to see me play, Payne!" Niall said irritably.

"Well, okay, you don’t even know her name…" And with that he left. Niall was hurt by that comment, knowing that Liam had a point in that.

"Hey, I came to see you, okay? And you won! cheer up, smelly!"

He hugged me tightly causing some drops of his wet hair fall into my face.

"I’m hungry! Are we going to McDonalds?"

"You don’t want to celebrate the victory with your teammates?" I asked.

"No, today I will be like Styles, intimate dinner with friends."

"I think they will miss you…"

" I don’t think so… I’m sure they will get more girls without me." and he smiled with one of his smirks that make me want to punch him but at the same time leave me dejected.

We went to a McDonalds in London, outside the campus. It was nice, we were only Niall and Grace with our friends. 

"What do you think if we go to a pub?" Niall suggested.

"I don’t know… I don’t want to stay up until too late"

"C’mon, Baudelaire! It’s Saturday, we’re young! Live while you can!"

At the end we accept to go for a drink and Niall took us to an Irish pub and the blond seemed a little boy there.

"You look happy." I told him when we sat down.

"I am, we won to an important team and I’m almost like at home here."

"Do you miss Ireland?"

"Like crazy…"

"Well, Spring break is near, will you go, right?

"I hope so. It will be great, sleep a lot, eat a lot, get drunk with my friends, I hope to get a good craic…" He said while showing his teeth.

"Sounds good"

"You’ll go to Manchester?"

"Maybe, I haven’t decided anything."

"I thought you were homesick…"

"Yes, I am but I have some family problems that I don’t want to deal during the holidays." And Niall didn’t asked more, seeing that it was an uncomfortable topic for me. 

Harry and Niall went to the bar to get drinks and returned with four pints.

"Pints? I wanted a cocktail!" Maria complained.

"Oh no, we’re in an irish pub, you have to drink a pint!" Niall replied. I didn’t mind, I loved his patriotic side.

When I finished my first pint I already had another one in the table, Horan requested to one of the waitresses. Shortly after that, Harry asked for 8 shots, 2 for each one of us. I drank them quickly, feeling really dizzy after that. 

"You’re a bad drinker… I can’t take you to party at Ireland!"

"Who says I’m drunk?" I exclaimed getting to my feet. "I’m going to the toilet!!!!"

When I was back Niall was sitting at the table but no sign of the couple.

"Where are the lovebirds?"

"They have gone home, Harry was about to undress her, here right now."

"Ew. I don’t want hear about it! Too much information"

"I’ve already caught Harry more than once, so…"

"Why don’t we leave? - I said without thinking too much."

"Where would you like to go?"

"I don’t care, as long as we go together." I couldn’t believe what I was saying, the alcohol had destroyed the little coherence and pride that I had. 

Niall smiled, but not with one of those cocky smirks but actually smiling as if my face had something fascinating. We left the pub and the car behind and I wondered where we were going.

"Remember that we came in your car, right?"

"Yes, but do you think we are sober to drive?"

"No, at least I don’t"

We walked in silence, very close to each other and started to rain, we tried to run but we were soaked in a minute. After a career of nearly 20 minutes we arrived at his house. All the lights were off and the house was in a terrible silence so I assumed we were alone, without a word we went upstairs to his room, once inside he closed the door behind us and slammed me into the wall. 

Niall looked me deep in the eyes and my lips and I wanted to kissing him so bad… but instead he placed his hands on my hips and then take off my sweater.

"You’ll catch a cold… " he whispered in a sigh and then lay his hand on my left breast just where I could feel my heart beating fast. With the other hand ran his fingers through my wet hair and finally, slowly, put his lips to mine. I took his shirt off and I could see that he too had been soaked. Without stop kissing we fell on the bed, he on top of me.

At this point things were accelerating pretty fast and in the blink of an eye I was braless and his hands were massaging my breasts.

"I was dying to touch them…" 

The truth is that I was looking forward to that too, but I couldn’t let him know. 

His tongue skillfully passed around my nipples. I couldn’t believe how good he was at it! I wanted to die of pleasure. Slowly going down with his mouth until he reached my panties, thank god I had chosen decent underwear. First he played over them, leaving the fabric wet and I buried my hands in his soft hair.

"Don’t play with me, Horan."

"But it’s fun, Baudeleire…" Despite that, he pushed my underwear apart and made me moan with just laying his tongue there while his fingers keep doing his magic. I arched my back but he held me to the mattress with one hand on my stomach and my moans mixed with the thunders outside. When I was about to get there he stopped. I looked with curious look but full of frustration, asking for explanations.

"Sorry I can’t wait, I need to be inside of you, I want to feel you."

I did not expect that from him, a gesture that I really liked. He penetrated me slowly, but until the end, he was huge.

"You’re so wet and tight… fuck" He closed his eyes tightly, when opened them again his blue was glowing with power and lust. I had always imagined the sexual encounters with Niall being wild and fast, but that looked more like making love. There was something in his eyes that I loved, the way he looked at me. It seemed like he really had feelings for me. I was beginning to notice that feeling inside me letting me know that I would achieve orgasm.

My moans let know Niall I was almost reaching my high and he interlace our hands and increased the pace. 

"I’m almost there Niall…"

"That’s it, scream my name"

"Fuck Niall, I’m coming" and I keep moaning his name. 

"I’m coming too…"

His orgasm face was the most sexy thing I had ever seen. I Almost cum again just looking at him. He lay in his back looking at the ceiling. 

"We should have did this before…"

"It is true" I recognized.

"You’re so stubborn…"

And with this we were silent, not sure what to say or to do.

"Uh huh, don’t sleep!" Niall shook me after some minutes.

"Why? I’m tired… You want the second round?"

"No. I want to sleep but I can’t with you here"

"What?" I asked stunned. "You want me to leave?"


"It’s raining" 

"I don’t care." He handed me a hoodie of his closet and an umbrella. "Get the fuck out of here!"

Outside on the street the storm keep getting worse. I dressed as quickly as I could

"Now you can say that you fucked Niall Horan. Good night." And with that he lay on the bed giving me his back.

I went down as fast as I could and put the hoodie and the umbrella to the ground, I did not want his charity, I did not want to know anything about him, never again. 

I walked in the rain in the wee hours of the morning for more than half an hour to get to my flat.

I spent my sunday eating and watching “white collar” and I woke up on monday morning and went to class as usual. The truth is I expected to be much worse, but I just wanted to forget the incident and Niall Horan forever but I guess sometimes life has other plans and I met him in the cafeteria at midmorning. I was alone reading and he came with his teammates but still when he saw me he approached my table.

"Hello beautiful"

"What do you want?"

"Nothing actually"

"Okay, so I do want to tell you a few things. You got what you wanted yesterday, now forget about me, I have deleted your phone number and as far as I know I don’t  even know your name. Do the same with me. Goodbye." I picked up my things and I left him there without looking back even once.

During the week Niall sent me some texts to my phone, in all of them he was making jokes as if nothing had happened. I saw him a couple of times at the university, and although he always greeted me I didn’t answer like if he was invisible for me. It made me want to reply and say that I wasn’t one of his whores and that he couldn’t treat me like a slut but he don’t even deserve my words.

After a little over two weeks Niall got tired and stopped sending texts and the few times we saw each other  we were like strangers, looking away. Maria spent all her time outside and this lack of social relationships with people made ​​me sink into my exams.

"Hi thinking head!" Maria greeted me when she entered the room that evening. "Could you answer me, at least?"

"I’m busy with this" I said pointing to the table full of books.

"I’m sure you can listen to me for two minutes"

"Okay. What happens?"

"What happens? I don’t know about your life in two weeks."

"I have no fault! You’re out all day"

"What is happening between you and Niall?"

"Don’t know anyone by that name"

"Grace! I’m not that dumb, okay? Let’s talk about it, I’m not letting you go until I know what is happening here"

"But nothing is happening!"

"My best friend is locked in this room studying for two weeks, when there is still time for exams and Niall Horan keep saying that he doesn’t want to go partying. So yes, is happening something."

"Good, if he’s locked in home can’t hurt no one"

"Grace! What the fuck did he do to you?"

"Nothing. Just nothing, alright? I do not want to hear anything more about it, I want nothing to do with him, you understand?"


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